Hi! I am Churtch, pronounced just like Church but I like myself enough that I get an extra letter. I have been piercing professionally for 5 years out of Lasting Impressions in Ames, Iowa. I have had an interest in body modification since I can remember and started actively trying to learn about piercing since I was 12. I don’t think there is a single job in the world that would be more personally rewarding for me, I love being a part of helping someone realize their own personal idea of beauty.

I love doing navel work and fun stuff on ears, the shinier the better. If you will let me put super bling in you I will. I love doing paired piercings, I love symmetry, which you will likely notice from my face.

While most of my time is spent working I do love spending time with my beautiful daughter. I enjoy playing pool and have been on a league for 12 years of my life. I am a huge fan of Batman, so much so that I have committed both of my arms to full Batman hero and villain sleeves. I don’t take life too seriously, I enjoy laughing and making new friends, often times making fun of myself.

If a person has a problem with your piercings or tattoos always keep in mind that that is their problem, not yours.

Churtch’s Schedule:

Effective Sunday 5/14/17

Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: St.Cloud 12-8
Thursday: Every other, Anoka 12-9
Friday: St.Cloud 12-8
Saturday: St.Cloud 12-8
Sunday: Anoka 12-8

Churtch will be out of the studio 5/4/17- 5/9/17 and 5/27/17. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please keep in mind that vacations, illness and everyday life may affect our schedules. It’s best to call ahead if you’re coming in to see someone specific.