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Hi, I’m Justin, piercing apprentice under Shane Post. I’ve been an apprentice at Wingnut Tattoo since April of 2015 and have been in love with my career since day one. Being a part of this industry has been a dream of mine since I was a kid and I’d like to take this time to thank my mentor Shane for being a great source of inspiration and taking me on. Some of the other professionals that influence me are Elayne Angel, Luis Garcia, James Haessley, Churtch Zimmerman and Johnny Velez. My near future goals are to finish my apprenticeship, attend the APP conference in Las Vegas, get a full time piercing job at a Wingnut location and beat Shane in a round of golf.

When I’m not in the shop I enjoy playing video games, hunting in the fall and snowboarding in the winter. I enjoy almost all kinds of music and love going to concerts with friends. I’m a proud nerd and lover of Lord of the Rings, Fallout, Star Wars and the like.

Each week I’m in both Anoka and Saint Cloud, check out my schedule and let’s find a time to pierce you or make your piercing new with beautiful jewelry.

Justin’s Schedule:

Effective Sunday 5/14/17
Monday: St.Cloud 12-8 pm – Piercing
Tuesday:  Anoka 12-9 – Counterstaff
Wednesday:  Off
Thursday: Off
Friday: Anoka 12-9pm – Counterstaff
Saturday: Saint Cloud 12-8pm – Counterstaff
Sunday: Saint Cloud 12-pm – Piercing

Justin will be out of the studio 7/23/17 and 8/2/17, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Please keep in mind that vacations, illness and everyday life may affect our schedules. It’s best to call ahead if you’re coming in to see someone specific.



Justin’s Portfolio: