Kelli Clausen swirled into existence in this dimension at some point in the greatest decade in all of history, the 1980’s. When she was just 10 years old and living in one of the worst decades in all of history she decided that she would be a tattoo artist. This is also probably when she turned to the dark side. She came to Wingnut in 2008 after a strong desire lead her to follow her instincts and do what she really loves.She has been tattooing for over ten years now but has still yet to fulfill her lifelong dream of replicating Robert Deniro’s full set of prison tattoos from “Cape Fear” on someone’s willing body canvas*.
Welcomed tips (other than good ol’ cash) include packaged cookies, Pinkberry gift certificates and whole watermelons.
*discount available

Kelli’s Schedule:

Monday: Off
Tuesday: St.Cloud 12-8
Wednesday: St.Cloud 12-8
Thursday: St. Cloud 12-8
Friday: St. Cloud 12-8
Saturday: St. Cloud 12-8
Sunday: Off

Please keep in mind that vacations, illness and everyday life may affect our schedules. It’s best to call ahead if you’re coming in to see someone specific.


Kelli’s Tattoo Portfolio

Kelli’s Art Portfolio