Tattoo Questions Answered

Wondering more? Let us help!

“How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?”

In the state of Minnesota it is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18, regardless of parental consent.

“How do I set up an appointment at Wingnut Tattoo?”

The best way to communicate with an artists is via email or messenger.  You can always stop in and speak with our staff as well.   We require a small deposit to hold the appointment, it’s non-refundable but comes off the price of your tattoo.

“How much do tattoos cost?”

At Wingnut Tattoo we charge by the hour, $150 is our hourly rate. For a specific tattoo price quote please speak with the artist of your choosing.

“Does Wingnut Tattoo have a minimum tattoo cost?”

Both shops have a shop minimum of $100, with the exception of hands, neck or face, that have a minimum of $100. 

“Can I swim with my new tattoo?”

Having your tattoo submerged underwater for any length of time will be devasting to your tattoo. Water hitting your tattoo in the shower is fine. 

“Can I tan or sunbathe with my new tattoo?”

Direct sunlight or tanning should be avoided for at least the first 3-4 weeks after getting your tattoo. After that time, taking precautions to protect your skin and tattoo from the sun is always best.

“Can I get tattooed if I’m pregnant?”

Due to the unnecessary stress it introduces to your body and baby, it is our policy at Wingnut Tattoo to not tattoo, pierce or microblade you while pregnant.

“Is everything at Wingnut Tattoo clean and sterile?”

We pride ourselves on having clean and safe studios. We use disposable, sterile single-use needles and our piercing instruments are sterilized with a weekly spore-tested autoclave. All equipment that can’t be sterilized is covered with a single-use, disposable plastic barrier and is changed after each client.