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Question Corner with Christoph

What’s your dream car? – ’67 Caprice with Suicide Doors 

You can choose to never have to eat or never have to sleep again, which do you pick and what do you do with the extra time? – Not eat, and with the extra time maybe sleep and maybe wake up dead.

Toilet paper, over or under? – Under, so the cats can unravel it

What’s one thing you’d love to remove from your daily routine?

Who was your first crush? – Linda Wagner as Wonderwomen 

Everyone gets the lyrics to a song wrong sometimes, what song was your best whoops? – hmmmmm, good question.  I’m blank on this one……..

You’re dying for some caffeine, what do you grab? – Jolt Cola 

What’s the best or worst thing about smart phones? – Small keyboard with fat yhumbs typing, makes for bad spelling 

What’s your karaoke song? – Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash

You wake up tomorrow morning one power, talent or ability richer, what can you do now? – Control Time 



I came in this week to get my Daith piercing done after being referred by a few friends. I have had piercings done but never here. I was very worried about pain and jewelry but after talking with Paxton and hearing he’s got 15 years of experience my mind was put at ease. I wanted this piercing to help with migraines and Paxton was honest. It works for some and not for others. Honesty is great for me and he has a customer for life now. I trust his judgement and will be bringing my 16 year old in to have her Daith pierced too!! So happy with the results so far and it didn’t even hurt! Thanks so much!Amber K.
I had my brows bladed with Becca. It was such a wonderful experience from the moment I walked in, to leaving. Everyone there was so kind and welcoming. Becca was amazing so gentle and super meticulous, my brows have never looked better. HIGHLY recommended.Jennifer
Another beautiful tattoo completed by Jesse. His ability to turn my ideas into exactly what I envisioned is incredible and takes a serious amount of talent and a skill set I can’t even wrap my head around. I’ve had many tattoos by Jesse and have never been disappointed. The Anoka shop is laid back and friendly. Professional work and an amazing result. The pain is always worth the end result.Tyson C.
Eric was absolutely incredible with our daughter today while getting her ears pierced. We had a great experience 2 years ago with our oldest daughter too. We highly recommend having the professionals do this lifetime adventure well. Thank you again, Eric.Angela S.

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