Hi!  My name is Kali Koltz and I have been making art my entire life.  I have always admired tattooing and knew it was something that I would be interested in doing.  I have a background in architecture and fine art from the University of Minnesota which carries into my artistic approach.  I decided to switch directions with my career choice in 2016 when I started my apprenticeship with John Chamberlin.

Since then, I have been dedicating all of my time to learning the fundamentals of tattooing, and soaking in as much information as I can.  I have learned so much from the crew at Wingnut and I can’t wait to continue to grow as an artist.  Hearing people’s ideas and seeing them translate into a beautiful image is always inspiring.  I am drawn to the traditional style of tattooing and that is how I intend to work.  I don’t have much time to spare but when I do I also like to paint landscape fantasies.

If you want to make me smile bring me a donut and a joke!

Kali’s Art & Flash Portfolio