I am the body piercer/shop manager of the Wingnut Tattoo and Piercing studio in Anoka, Minnesota. I have been piercing professionally since 2003.  I live in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.

I like to work on motorcycles and build them with my friends. Harleys are the bike of choice, I have a 1964 Ironhead chopper that was the first of the fleet to be built. I am now currently working on a 1964 pan/shovel hardtail. Work does take up the majority of my life but on the other hand it helps me to be able to afford nice things in my life and get them at the drop of a dime. My family and friends are very important to me, although I do not get to see my family as much as I would like, they know they are important to me. FRIENDS: you know who you are and you make my life worth living…

Paxton’s Schedule:

: Off

Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Anoka 12-9pm
Thursday: Anoka 12-9pm
Friday: Every Other
Saturday: Every Other
Sunday: Every Other

Please keep in mind that vacations, illness and everyday life may affect our schedules. It’s best to call ahead if you’re coming in to see someone specific.